irstly if you're not ready to take our Completly FREE, NO RISK, 30 Day Silver Membership Trial then simply sign up for one of our free Global Music Promotions accounts. This account will enable you to create a free Global Music Promotions profile page. Visitors to our website and other members can learn more about you on your Global Music Promotions Profile Page. As a free member you’ll start receiving free weekly Music Promotion Tips that you can apply to your music career instantly. These Music Promotions Tips will reveal exactly "How To Get Major Labels To Chase YOU"! You can start receiving these tips, strategies and secrets right now by simply entering your details in the blue form in the top right (Next to our Virtual Spokesperson). Whenever you’re ready to take things to a higher level; simply use our "FREE 30 Day Trial" offer and upgrade to Silver Membership and receive 14 other amazing services!
As a Silver Member we will build you 1 FREE Artist Website + 1 FREE Social Network Website + 1 FREE CD Store + 1 FREE Apps store and 1 FREE Internet Radio Station. All these 5 websites are on YOUR OWN domain. Learn more about these in points 4, 5, 6 and 8 below. Our goal is NOT just to be another company providing simple online digital music distribution like so many other companies out there. We do far more than that. We provide our Silver members with FIVE amazing websites + a suite of tools and resources to help Artists, Producers and Labels to promote their music products and services WITHOUT a Major Record Company and keep as much of the income as possible that they receive from their Music Downloads, CDs & DVD sales! You'll also discover how to generate BIG advertising and sponsorship cash from companies who will jump at the chance to place small ads on your websites or 30 second ads on your Internet Radio Station. We will also teach Silver Members how to partner with music companies and earn more revenue via their 5 websites.

Silver Members of “Global Music Promotions” get access to a total of 15 services the likes of which you will not find anywhere else online or off-line. Silver Members get instant access to weekly music marketing and promotion training as soon as they join. We start building your 5 websites (Which takes about 6 to 8 weeks to build and configure all 5) and you start getting access to the tools, resources and 14 modules on a monthly basis i.e. 1 module per month. This really is a "first" in the music industry and a definite GAME CHANGER. After reading a brief summary of each service below you’ll see a link for even more details. If you plan on becoming a Silver member then please disregard the prices you see for each individual service as these prices are for NON PAYING MEMBERS ONLY!

Does an artist or band need their own website? Or is it good enough to just have a MySpace and/or Facebook account?

Can you imagine anyone today taking a business without a website seriously? (The answer to that question is "NO!") So why would you think fans, venues and other music industry professionals will take you seriously without your own Artist website? If you want to be considered a professional band, artist or producer then you need to think about your music career like a BUSINESS. That means you need your OWN website.

That doesn't mean you don't need a MySpace or a Facebook account. You should have those too. But those are social media outreach sites, not a professional website for your band or company.

If you've never built a website before or had one built for you; don't worry that's where Global Music Promotions come into action. The very first website we will build for you as a Global Music Promotions Silver Member is your main artist website. This is the site visitors will land on when they type your domain name into their browser. You should also stay away from flashy sites with lots of flashy animation. These type of sites will take ages to load. People can be very impatient when they are visiting websites for the first time. If your website does not load up within 5 - 10 seconds (Maximum) then visitors will quickly leave your website!

We DO NOT build websites for restaurants, builders, solicitors, estate agents etc, etc. We specialize in building websites for artists, producers, bands and people in the music industry - period! Your artist website will be the hub that all your other 4 websites will link to (More about them later). Your artist name should be in your website domain name in order to rank at the top of the search engines when people search for you by your artist or band name.

Unfortunately you can't just build your website and forget it. You need to work on your website each day or at least on a weekly basis. You need to give your fans a reason to come to your site....and a reason to come back to your site again and again. You'll need to keep your website updated with your gigs, new releases, product launch parties, forthcoming projects, up and coming events and anything else of importance. It is very important that you either keep your website updated and/or keep your fans updated via email. Building relationships with your fans and subscribers is going to be KEY to your success; because it is this direct relationship and "connection" with your fans which is going to enable you to have both short and long term success WITHOUT a Major Record Company. At Global Music Promotions we teach all our Silver Members EXACTLY how to build and harness these relationships with fans and email subscribers.

Your main artist website along with the 4 other websites we build for you will be your opportunity to create your band's persona, to keep fans engaged with you between gigs and, best of all, a place for you to sell your music and merchandise far beyond your local market. To see a few screenshots of some sample artist websites - Click Here!

While nothing beats selling your music from YOUR OWN website (Or any digital real estate that YOU control); we still believe it is very important to get your music into as many digital download stores and work with as many digital download aggregators as possible. You just have to accept the fact that with digital music distribution there are a number of 3rd parties that will take a cut out of your earnings before the money get’s to you.

However, you must still get your music out to as many places as you can and we have therefore partnered with one of the best, most ethical and experienced digital music distribution companies in the world in order for you to do just that. You need to keep as much of your money as possible, while working with a company who will give you comprehensive, worldwide, digital music distribution and a detailed report of all your sales. Our partner will distribute your music, collect all sales and they keep just 15% of what they collect and pay you 85%.

While you may come across many digital music distribution companies that claim to pay you 100% of sales; in our experience this is misleading. For example iTunes takes 30% of the sale, so how can you get paid 100% of sales? The only way you can truly receive 100% of your sales is if you own the website, the Apps store or the online CD store and get paid directly by the customer when a sale is made. As far as we are aware Global Music Promotions is the only company that provides Artists, Producers and Record Labels with their own Social Network website, their own Apps Store, their own online CD Store & their own Internet Radio Station – Plus lots more!

Silver Members can get their music distributed to as many as 300+ major and independent Digital Music Download Stores worldwide via our Digital Music Distribution Partner. These stores include iTunes, Napster, Amazon, Rhapsody Musicload, Nokia and hundreds more and you keep 85% of all income collected! To Learn More Click Here

You get your OWN Apps Store just like iTunes. Your Apps Store supports over 200 mobile carriers worldwide! So you now have the ability to sell your music to anyone with a cell phone worldwide from your OWN Apps Store. Your Apps Store also comes with beats of all genres from Rock to Reggae to R&B. We have also included games, apps, ebooks, ringtones etc; these products are pre-loaded and ready for you to sell. You get paid a 30% commission whenever any of these pre-loaded products are sold from your Apps Store. However; remember this is YOUR store NOT OURS and you can remove ALL our pre-loaded products if you prefer. The products that you upload to your Apps Store is 100% YOURS. When a purchase is made from your Apps Store you get paid directly into your PayPal account and keep 100% of all monies earned! – To Learn More Click Here

Anyone that tells you that CDs are dead are talking a load of rubbish! While CD sales are nothing like they use to be and CD stores such as HMV, Tower Records and many high street stores have closed up shop; there are STILL many people who prefer CDs to digital downloads and a physical CD STILL has a much higher perceived value than a digital download. Remember you can hold a CD, read the credits and build a genuine music CD collection just like people use to do with vinyl. Using our unique 'CD On Demand Service' your CDs will be pressed and packed with full colour inlay, bar-code; overwrapped and shipped to your customers anywhere in the world. Your OWN “CD Publishing on Demand” store allows you to manufacture ‘shop ready’ product even if the order is just for ONE CD! Everything is done for you. You do not have to duplicate cheap CDs and then go to the post office to post your CDs to customers. No need to tie up your money pressing and stocking 500 or 1,000 CDs anymore – You get paid directly into your PayPal account and you keep 100% of every CD sold! To Learn More Click Here

Your OWN Social Network Website on your OWN domain; just like MySpace & FaceBook; members of your website can interact with you and each other. Members can send private messages to each other, upload photos, upload videos, create their own groups, etc, etc. The key here is to create a "community" a hip hop community, a Country music community, a Gospel music community. Even better still, create a "Bronx" Hip Hop community or a "Montego Bay" Dancehall community etc, etc

We'll build you your VERY OWN Music Social Network Community + You can place ads on your site and earn 100% of any revenue generated from your ads. You have full control over your site, full control over all your members and you keep 100% of all sales made from your social music network website! To Learn More Click Here

Your OWN PayPal enabled, embeddable music player with music download feature. You can embed this flash player on your MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster, Twitter or any website that allows you to embed a piece of html code. Why not give your friends, family and colleagues the player and ask them to add it to their FaceBook or MySpace pages? You can even give them a split of every sale that is generated from their page. Now fans and lovers of your music can download your music from any of these top Social Network websites and you get paid directly into your PayPal account – And keep 100% of any income from all downloads! To Learn More Click Here

Imagine having your own radio station; a radio station where YOU create the playlist, a station where YOU say which tracks go on the “A”, “B” or “C” lists; your own radio station where people pay YOU to run their adverts. You keep 100% of the income and you control 100% of the music content that goes on your playlists – Now would that not be powerful?

Welcome to Internet Radio Creator! Now any artist, producer or record label can have their own 24 hour Internet radio station playlist created and uploaded to the Internet within hours. Compile, play and stream your favorite tracks and entertain your listeners the way you know they should be entertained. You’re the boss, you’re the program producer, you call the shots; so not only can you plug and promote your favorite rock, pop, country, rap, R&B, jazz or gospel tunes on your radio station but you can use your station to plug and promote YOUR CDs, YOUR albums or YOUR downloads to!

Our Internet Radio Playlist Creator software with Auto DJ feature is all part of your Global Music Promotions Silver Membership. To see one of our Internet radio stations running and broadcasting online right now Click Here!.

Facebook marketing is one of the most powerful trends to hit online music business marketing in years. With over 500 million subscribers now, Facebook has become THE social media website. With an array of tools available to the creative music marketer, Facebook is increasingly relied upon by music promoters on a shoestring budget. For the new, unsigned, “up and coming” artist and independent record label Facebook is an absolute goldmine!

FaceBook is most probably the most powerful tool for artists right now; but if you're only using it to play games and network with friends you're missing out on a huge potential to explode your music career and business. As a Global Music Silver member you will be able to use our amazing FaceBook Fan Page Builder & Viral Promoter script. To read more about this amazing tool Click Here!

If you need to find other genuine ways to make money online in order to fund your music career; as a Silver Global Music Promotions member you will get access to video tutorials that will teach you how to set up other Internet businesses (Not music related) providing you with multiple streams of income – You keep 100% of all profits earned from your other Internet businesses!
Make Money With No Product: Home Business No1 Click Here!
Get Your Own Quality Products: Home Business No2 Click Here!

Google is the worlds biggest search engine and they make billions each year. If you could advertise your music products on Google’s search engine using their Google Adwords PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising platform this would turbo charge your CD and Digital Download music sales. The only problem is that Google Adwords can be VERY expensive and most people lose a lot of money advertising on Google. However, as a Global Music Promotions member our video tutorials will show you a little strategy that you can use to get OTHERS to happily pay for all your Google advertising so you get all your Google advertising for FREE! To Learn More Click Here

When it comes to succeeding in any business MARKETING & PROMOTION is KEY!

This is why Major Record Companies have always been able to dictate terms and why Artists, Producers & Managers have always had to chase these companies. Before the Internet; major companies were the only ones who could afford to market and promote music products globally. The cost of Radio, TV and Press advertising was far beyond anyone else. So the dream was to get a major record deal because it was only majors that could give an Artist worldwide exposure, fame and fortune – Well the Internet has changed all that! Who would have thought; that in just a few short years a PC company called Apple (iTunes) would be dictating to the majors!

Prior to the Internet everyone had to physically walk into a record or CD store on or off the high street to purchase their records or CDs. It was really only major record companies who could afford to invest in the physical infrastructure of setting up nationwide and international distribution to supply all these traditional record and CD stores. Now add to this the enormous amounts of money required to run a national TV, Radio and Press campaign to market a single or an album – We’re talking about hundreds of thousands and sometimes MILLIONS of dollars.

And guess who ends up paying these hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars out of their measly 5% to 8% royalty share? Yes, you guessed it – THE ARTIST!

Well you no longer need to accept 8% royalties or spend hundreds of thousands to promote your music anymore; but you MUST still promote your music. It really does not matter how good your music is; if nobody ever hears it or nobody apart from your family and friends visits your website then you’re destined to fail! MARKETING, PROMOTION & TRAFFIC GENERATION online is absolutely crucial. And this is where our “Global Music Promotions” service comes into play.

You see; if you know how to create a buzz around your band, act, company and/or music that’s when Major Record Label’s will start chasing YOU! When you have your OWN Social Network website! Your OWN Digital download Apps Store! Your OWN PayPal enabled Music Player (With your music embedded on all the top Social Network sites)! Your OWN Online CD/DVD Distribution Outlet! Your OWN Mailing List of Fans! Your OWN Internet Radio Station! – NOW you’re in a much better position to negotiate with ANY Major Record Company because you will have the online retail and distribution outlets with or without a major record company. Therefore you’re now negotiating from a position of strength!

To create a buzz around your company and your music; you MUST know how to MARKET, PROMOTE and DRIVE TRAFFIC to your websites – PERIOD! As a “Global Music Promotions” member you’ll get access to weekly, online video tutorials showing and teaching you EXACTLY how to brand yourself, market, promote and drive traffic to any business you may have including your music websites.

You will be trained and mentored by Internet Marketing Expert Russell Brunson who generates over $10 MILLION DOLLARS in online sales each year and his Internet Marketing training via weekly video tutorials will teach you how to market and promote any product you have worldwide. Russell has a company called DotCom Secrets and he is a leading expert at teaching people how to market, promote and make money online. Watch and listen to a short clip of Russell being interviewed on ABC News in his hometown of Boise in the US Here! We managed to get Russell (And a few other TOP Internet Marketers) to put together some amazing marketing material via online video for our Silver VIP Members. All you have to do is listen and watch over their shoulders. This means that any of our Silver VIP members can now market any CD, DVD, Digital Download, Concert etc for either NO cost or pennies on the dollar. NO need to spend money on expensive TV, Radio or Press advertising like the Major labels.

Watch this 15 minute video presentation where Russell reveals how he easily gets 5 Google page1 listings in just 8 hours! To Watch Video Click Here

In your second month of membership we will create a YouTube channel for you, a MySpace page, a FaceBook fan page and a Twitter page. These 4 social media platforms will form an essential part of your marketing and promotional strategies. These 4 sites are where you are going to start building many of your relationships with fans, subscribers and potential customers in your music genre.

In your third month of membership we are going to make sure that you get your first set of YouTube channel subscribers, FaceBook fans, Twitter followers and MySpace friends. Once we have created your 4 social media profiles and built your first 50 MySpace friends, Twitter followers, FaceBook fans and YouTube channel subscribers we will show you how to turn these 50 fans and supporters into hundreds or even thousands of friends, followers, fans and YouTube channel subscribers.

Our goal here though is not to just have these friends, followers, fans and channel subscribers remain on your MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube & Twitter pages. Our goal is to get your friends, followers, fans and subscribers to visit YOUR music social network website and build YOUR community. This is why we build you your own music social network website with all the same features as MySpace and FaceBook plus more! To learn more about this amazing Social Media Marketing service Click Here!

Did you know that you can increase your fan base, sell much more music and pack out gigs using something even more popular and widespread than the Internet? It's something we dare not leave home without and people use it more than than they use Facebook - IT'S CALLED THE GOOD OLD MOBILE PHONE!

Did you know there are artists, bands, musicians, producers and record labels who are already building music companies that pull in bucket loads of fans and they're selling even more music this way than ever before? Plus they're not using any traditional forms of music distribution or online marketing strategies either. And to be quite honest; you don't even need to have an internet connection or website in many cases to sell your music, sell out gigs, build a huge database of loyal fans and make money with your music when you leverage and utilize the power of Mobile Music Promotion & Marketing.

At Global Music Promotion we’ll show you how to plug into the largest undiscovered opportunity (Nearly 5 Billion people) on the planet today. Very few artists, bands, producers or record labels are using this method to market and promote their music so there is virtually zero competition to deal with right now. To Learn More Click Here

Finally, last but by no means least you will get monthly tips and advice on the legal side of the music business including; publishing, songwriting, record deals, production deals, licensing, copyrights, management deals, radio play, PRS, MCPC etc, etc.

Well basic Artist membership is free and this gives you access to services No1 above. However, to really get the full benefits and experience the full power of our service and features i.e. the additional Services No2 to No15 above; you’ll need to upgrade to Silver VIP Membership.


Over the next 4 to 8 weeks we will be in pre-launch phase and we are therefore running a Special Promo offer. However the regular price for Silver VIP Membership is $197 per month. So any artist, group or band joining after pre-launch will pay $197 per month that's for Silver VIP Membership when we fully launch in a 4 to 8 weeks time. I’m sure you’ll agree that considering the 5 websites we build and host for you along with all the other tools and resources you read about above + the weekly Internet Marketing training; this membership is easily worth TWICE that and more. However; for the next few weeks whilst we’re in pre-launch phase we’re doing a very special half price promotion for ONLY $97 per month and you get to try the Silver VIP Membership Absolutely FREE for 30 Days! Plus your $97 per month Silver VIP Membership fee WILL NEVER BE INCREASED if you join Global Music Promotions as an artist, group or band within the next few weeks! Producers and Record Labels with multiple artists or multiple bands have a different Gold & Platinum monthly membership rate; but more about that further on down.

Try our unique and amazing Global Music Promotions service FREE for 30 days and if you’re not 100% happy during this free 30 day trial period; simply cancel your subscription and you will not be charged a single penny! Obviously you could not keep the 5 websites for free if you were no longer a Global Music Silver VIP Member as the time, technology, software applications and programing that goes into building, configuring, maintaining and hosting the 5 websites cost thousands of dollars.

Is $197 per month (Or our special $97 per month promo offer) too much of an investment to make in yourself in order to succeed in your music career? Only you can be the judge of that. But listen; MILLIONS of students invest thousands of dollars per term in their college or university education all over the world. Even after investing thousands of dollars in their education they STILL have to put in the time, effort and hard work if they want to land their "dream job" when they finish college or university. Furthermore; these days there is no guarantee they will even land a decent job (Never mind their "dream job") after leaving university with a degree! Well the music business is no different; you STILL have to put in the work after making a monthly financial investment in yourself. Global Music Promotions just makes your work A WHOLE LOT EASIER.

Forget about chasing Major labels for music success. Did you know that behind the scenes over 90% of artists with Major Record deals are NOT as successful as these Major Record Companies and media would have you believe? The music business has changed beyond recognition over the last 10 years or more. Yes, the tables have turned and talented artists do not have to grovel to major labels anymore. You do not need to sell 250,000 albums at $14.99 to receive a measly $20,000 bucks in royalties (After all expenses and deductions) from a major label.


Yep, that's correct. And that's if the artist is lucky....Please read the first article below from start to finish, it really will open up your eyes regarding major record deals. If you do not have time to read the article fully then after clicking the link below just scroll right to the bottom of the article and look at the figures from a typical artist major record deal. This article will show you how most bands, groups or artists nearly always end up OWING the major label. At the end of the article you will see how an album that sold 250,000 copies at $12 (Retail) and generated THREE MILLION DOLLARS in retail sales; made the major label $710,000.00 profit while the band ended up OWING THE LABEL $14K!!!!! Now we admit that the band did get a £250K advance but remember that an advance is just a LOAN. An advance is money you have to PAY BACK! Please forgive some of the language used by the writer of this article. To read this first article Click Here!

At the end of this next article it will appear as if the artist has earned $107K from 500.000 sales (i.e. Gold status). However; out of this $107K, the Manager, Producer, Accountant, Lawyer AND the Tax Man will all have to get their share. So out of 500,000 album sales the artist, group or band will be lucky to see $40K out of this $107K. The major label on the other hand will have easily made a TWO - THREE MILLION DOLLAR PROFIT! To read this 2nd article Click Here!

In this 3rd article the writer will describe how Major labels not only unfairly holds on to and keeps 25% of an artists Publishing income (Which has nothing to do with their artist royalty by the way); but the writer describes how an artist has to earn TEN TIMES the amount of any advance before they even begin to repay the advance. Remember as we said earlier an advance is just A LOAN WHICH HAS TO BE PAID BACK! Now read this this 3rd article Here!

We just wanted you to read those 3 independent articles above in order for you to understand that this is not just OUR (Global Music Promotions) opinion. Major labels have been ripping off artists for years! BUT; if you're prepared to invest time and a little money in YOUR OWN career you'll quickly realize that in this new millennium no artist, group or band needs to be chasing or groveling to major labels for record deals. THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT!

Over the next year if you only sold 3,000 digital or CD albums via your 5 websites at $9.99 a pop - that’s $30K right there and you get Paid DIRECTLY into your PayPal account! OK, let's say you had to deduct $197 per month (i.e. for a regular Global Music Promotions Silver VIP Membership). This would equate to approximately $2,400 expenses spent in membership fees for the year or less than $1,200 per year if you joined during our pre-launch phase. And let us say you invested $5K in studio time to record your album (With the great sounds and quality of home or small studios you can easily record a quality album for under $5K). So you would STILL have made over $22K to $23K selling ONLY 3,000 units as opposed to a major artist who has to sell 250,000 units to make $20K - AND YOU STILL OWN YOUR MASTERS! And just imagine your earnings if you were to sell 10,000 units at $9.99 via your 5 sites. Plus we have not even started to go into the many other ways that we teach artists regarding how to monetize their music using the power and global reach of their 5 websites.

NO other company has ever attempted to put together a service as comprehensive as this for Artists, Producers and Independent Record labels in the music industry. We have spent 2 – 3 years negotiating with hundreds of companies and invested over $215,000 in software creation, programming, web design + research and development to put this unique service together. Out of the 15 services we covered above 13 of them are under our complete control and two of them (i.e. service No2 and No5) we have partnered and teamed up with 2 other great companies.

Our Company i.e. Global Music Promotions is UK based. Our Partner No1 is based in Austria and this Company will be helping with the uploading, encoding and digital distribution of your music worldwide. Our Partner No2 is US based and this Company will be helping with the manufacture of your CDs/DVDs and the worldwide shipping of your product worldwide. Our web interface works with and interacts with the interfaces of our online partners to bring you a suite of 15 very powerful music business Distribution, Marketing and Promotional tools and resources under one roof.

It is extremely important that you approach your music career as a business and not just as a hobby. Don’t rely or dream about getting major record deals. Remember we have just shown you in detail that Major Record deals are not all they are crack out to be. However; if you still insist that a major deal is what you want then major deals WILL come if you just concentrate on marketing, promoting and creating a buzz around your music.

Success in the music business will NOT come just because of your sheer talent alone; in fact your talent will account for maybe as much as 20% of your success. The other 80% is going to boil down to how much ambition you have, your ability to make contacts and network with others, building relationships with your members, fans, and subscribers and most importantly how much hard work, time and effort you’re prepared to put into marketing and promoting your music.

We believe that our unique tools and resources will make achieving success in the music business a whole lot easier, but you must be prepared to take action and you absolutely must also be prepared to spend just a couple hours of your time each day on your business; especially where the marketing and promotion of your music is concerned.

We have set up Global Music Promotions to do most of the hard work behind the scenes for you. But you’re going to need to plug into it; to make this thing work. Therefore you must TAKE ACTION and IMPLEMENT!……

Either yourself, a friend or family member will have to dedicate at least 1 – 2 hours per day to learn and slowly but surely implement the entire Internet Marketing strategies that we teach.

Now we cannot help you where “taking action” is concerned, whilst we can lead a thirsty musician to water, we cannot force them to drink it. We provide all the tools, resources and training via online video tutorials but it will be down to YOU to implement what we teach – We cannot do this for you. Sorry if it sounds like we’re repeating ourselves but we cannot stress how important it is to believe in yourself, to be ambitious, to put in a little effort, to do a little bit every day and do so relentlessly. If you follow this advice; it will literally be impossible for you not to succeed in “the business of music”!

Service No2 above (i.e. Digital Music Distribution to as much as 300 Digital Download stores or more) requires a fee each time you upload a single, EP or album to our servers. This helps to pay for the bandwidth required to store all your files on our partners servers. It will also deter those who are not really serious about their music from uploading just any old rubbish to our servers; as this would simply clog up our servers for genuine Artists. If we were to allow millions of below par tracks to be uploaded to our servers we would then have to distribute all this sub-standard material throughout the globe; and we would soon get a reputation for distributing music of poor quality around the world; charging a fee per upload will deter this. Basically the “upload fee” is dependent on the number of tracks on your single, EP or album. To give you a rough idea of this fee per upload; the ‘one-off’ fee for a 12 track album upload would be around $31.00. You’ll get more details regarding these fees in the member’s area.

With Service No5 above i.e. your Online Internet CD Store (i.e. our CD/DVD Publishing on Demand Service) there is a charge of $1.00 to press your CD/DVD, print colour CD/DVD on-body, print colour inlay cards with bar code and overwrap CDs/DVDs. You also get a free barcode which is required by retailers who stock CDs for sound scan in the US or Gallop in the UK i.e. chart return stores. There is also a standard $4.30 charge for shipping per CD/DVD. This equates to a total fee of $5.30 per CD/DVD.

You can retail your CD/DVD in your online store for whatever price you want. For maximum sales we would recommend you retail your CDs/DVDs for $9.97 to $12.97. Our partner states 7 – 14 days for the delivery of your CDs/DVDs to your customer when using the $4.20 standard US mail or standard Air Mail. However in practice we have found that 90% of the time it usually takes about 6 to 8 working days for our products to reach our customers anywhere in the world using standard US mail or standard Air Mail for $4.20.

The very low monthly fees we charge will hopefully cover most of our expenses and operating costs in the short term. However, these monthly fees in themselves will not make our company a profitable one. Our profits will come in the future via the banners you will see at the top of your Social Network website, your Apps store and your CD store. We will be using this banner space to sell advertising. Therefore these banners cannot be removed!

You do have to purchase your own domain name (Which you should always do to ensure you own and have full control over your websites). A domain name usually costs around $10 per year or less. However, your monthly fee also includes the monthly hosting of your Social Network website, your CD/DVD Store and your Apps Store on our dedicated servers!

The above $77 monthly promotional membership fee is for individual artists, songwriters or bands ONLY and this is our “Silver Account”. If you are a Producer, Manager, Publisher or Agent with more than 1 but less than 11 Artists then you will need to open a “Gold” account. A gold account allows you to have up to 10 MAIN WEBSITES, 10 APPS STORES, 10 SOCIAL NETWORK SITES & 10 ONLINE CD STORES for up to 10 of your own Artists!

Our promotional price for a Gold account is $497 per month. This will also increase just like the individual Artists Silver Account. However, it will increase in increments of $200. So the first 100 Producers, Managers etc will pay $497 per month, the next 100 will pay $697 per month and the next 100 will pay $897 per month.

Record Companies i.e. any company with 11 Artists or more will need to open a “Platinum” Account. A Platinum Account will entitle a Company to promote UNLIMITED Artists, set up UNLIMITED Apps Stores, create UNLIMITED CD Storefronts and set up an UNLIMITED amount of Social Network websites. A Platinum account will cost $1,697 per month for the first 25 Record Labels rising to $1,997 per month thereafter.

You can also sign up to our Affiliate Program and earn $20 for every new Artist, $50 for every new Producer and $100 for every new Record Label that you refer to us!

Because we give Artists, Producers & Labels a FREE 30 Day Trial there is absolutely no risk to them whatsoever and they can start benefitting from all our services straight away. So finding other Artists, Producers and Labels to join is really easy; simply because everybody loves the word FREE; especially when the product or service is of high quality, great value and provides amazing benefits to them with absolutely NO obligation and NO risk on their part.

Affiliate commissions are paid 1 month in arrears of your referral paying their membership fee. This safeguards us against fraudulent commission payouts. So for example; if a member takes a free month trial on January 1st, then they will not be billed until February 1st and we will pay the Affiliate Commission for this sale on March 1st.